Our Technology

Seer Cloud

Seamless management, collaboration, curation and insight from medical data on a global scale. One place for a physiological, environmental, and behavioural data from:

  • The Seer diagnostic and monitoring service

  • Patient driven records (the Seer app)

  • Electronic health records

  • Wearable and implantable devices


Seer App

Keeping an accurate seizure diary in one of the best ways to manage epilepsy. It’s can also be hard to do! That’s why we created the Seer app. Our app allows you to:

  • Log events during diagnostic monitoring

  • Share data with your doctor

  • Track your events over time

  • Log your medication


Monitoring and Diagnostic System

The monitoring system enables acquisition of high-quality video-EEG-ECG for up to 10 days in the home.