Seer was founded in 2017 by a team with over a decade's experience working together in translational medical research.

Dean green.jpg

Dean Freestone
Co-Founder, CEO

From medical device development to machine learning algorithms, Dean has pushed the frontiers of med-tech over the last decade. His work has received numerous academic accolades. In 2016 his research made headlines, with a study showing how algorithms can be used to transform neurology and epilepsy management. At Seer, Dean provides practical intuition into complex algorithms and a knack for finding innovative solutions to problems in neurology.

Columbia University (USA)
Fulbright Postdoc 2014 - 2015
The University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD 2012
The University of Edinburgh (UK)
PhD Exchange Program 2010

2012 Chancelor's Prize
2012 John Melvin Memorial Prize
2014 Victorian Fulbright Postdoc Fellowship

Mark green.jpg

Mark Cook
Co-Founder, Clinical Lead

Mark is an epileptologist and world-leader in medical technology. He has dedicated his career to caring for people with epilepsy. At Seer, Mark contributes practical clinical knowledge, and guidance derived from his experience pioneering medical devices. Before co-founding Seer, Mark founded Vigilance Health, a medical device company specializing in epilepsy monitoring. Mark also led the world's first clinical trial for an implantable device for seizure prediction.

The University of Melbourne (Australia)
MD 1999; MBBS 1983
Queens Square London (UK)
MD Thesis
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Director of Neurology

1993 Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists. State Chair, Victoria
1992 Royal Australian College of Physicians. Fellow

George green.jpg

George Kenley
Co-Founder, COO

George is an engineer who spent 9 years working at Lend Lease in Senior Project Engineer and Project Management roles. George was fortunate enough to work across many different iconic projects across Victoria, such as the New Royal Children’s Hospital, the Margaret Court Arena Upgrade, the New Bendigo Hospital, Green Chemical Futures Building (Monash University, Clayton Campus), and the New Monash Children’s Hospital.

The University of Melbourne (Australia)
Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering (2007)
Bachelor of Planning and Design (2007)
Bachelor of Construction Management (2007)

RobH green.jpg

Rob Halliday

Rob brings a wealth of business knowledge to Seer, with over ten years experience in digital and financial services across a range of industries. At Seer, Rob works across finance, business strategy, and accounting functions.

Monash University (Australia)
Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Bachelor of Computing

Suzi green.jpg

Suzi Muller
Marketing Lead

Suzi is a digital content and marketing strategist with a passion for science and technology. She loves using human-centred design to make information relevant and accessible to real-life people. At Seer, Suzi works to connect more people with who we are and what we do.

University of Queensland (Australia)
Bachelor of Journalism

Shannon green.jpg

Shannon Clarke
Data Science Lead

Shannon is passionate about all things data, and has a particular interest in machine learning. Shannon has a background in Mechanical and Systems Engineering and thrives on deriving insights from large, complex data sets.

University of Adelaide (Australia)
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Ewan green.jpg

Ewan Nurse
Medical Data Scientist

Ewan is a biomedical engineer with expertise in signal processing, machine learning and medical device development. His passion for data science has led him to research positions in university, industry and government organisations like IBM Research and DSTG Synchron.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD (Neural Engineering)
Masters (Biomedical Engineering)
Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

Saeed green.jpg

Saeed Ahmadizadeh
Data Scientist

Saeed is an electrical engineer with expertise in control, complex networks and machine learning. He has contributed to the area of synchronisation in complex networks and dynamical systems, motivated by applications in neuroscience. He has a passion for data science and at Seer, he works on machine learning algorithms.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD (Electrical Engineering)
Masters (Electrical Engineering)
Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)

Brenden green.jpg

Brendan Doyle
Data Engineer

Brendan is an experienced Software Developer who has built large web systems for some of Australia's leading organisations. His current focus is on the intersection of Software Development, DevOps, and Machine Learning. At Seer he is helping to bring the different parts of the technology stack together.

Charles Sturt University (Australia)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing)

Rob green.jpg

Rob Kerr
Systems Architect

Rob transitioned to software engineering from mechanical engineering, maths, and neuroscience. At Seer, Rob builds on his experience building a web platform for performing and visualising computer simulations of neuron cells, to design and develop the systems that power Seer's web platform.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD (Computational Neuroscience)
Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Science

Braden green.jpg

Braden Moore
Web Development Lead

Braden has a Masters in particle physics and has spent years searching through data to deliniate the signal from the noise. His drive to learn has led to a passion for music, language and computer sciences. At Seer, Braden develops the web platforms that connect clinicians and patients to data, anytime, anywhere.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
Masters (Particle Physics)
Bachelor of Science

Pip green.jpg

Pip Karoly
Lead App Developer

Pip is a Biomedical Engineer, specialising in EEG signal processing and epileptic seizure prediction. At Seer, she combines her talent for development with a passion for designing beautiful data visualisations to build web and mobile apps that make scientific data accessible.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD 2015 - (Computational Neuroscience)
Masters (Biomedical Engineering)
Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

Dulini green.jpg

Dulini Mendis
Front End Development Lead

Dulini's background is in engineering, app development and neuroscience which led her to a PhD analyzing electrophysiological data. Outside of her contribution to the Seer web platform, she is passionate about all things visual and moonlights as a graphic designer/photographer.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
PhD (Computational Neuroscience) University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka)
Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

Neville green.jpg

Neville Challinger
Full Stack Engineer

Neville's history is in developing highly performant video systems and creating user-focussed software. He believes technology should be used to make things better. Neville loves making things, and at Seer will be helping to make the web platform.

Swinburne University (Australia)
Bachelor of Multimedia

Janelle green.jpg

Janelle Taylor
Neurophysiology Scientist

Janelle brings a wealth of clinical experience to the Seer team. She was previously a member of the Clinical Neurosciences team at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne where she served in numerous roles and contributed to research that drew upon her background in science and advanced ambulatory EEG technology.

Swinburne University (Australia)
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Lucy green.jpg

Lucy Barua
Neurophysiology Scientist

Lucy brings skills and experience from working with the Neurophysiology Department at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne to Seer. Lucy has majors in Psychology and Psychophysiology through her Bachelor of Health Science degree at Swinburne University, Melbourne.

Swinburne University (Australia)
Bachelor of Health Science

Rory green.jpg

Rory Knight-Sadler
Neurophysiology Scientist

Rory is a neurophysiological scientist with almost a decade of clinical experience in a wide range of electrodiagnostic techniques including EEG and peripheral nerve assessment. At Seer, Rory works with patients and clinicians to refine procedures and facilitate the delivery of our EEG service to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Swinburne University (Australia)
Bachelor of Science Psychology/Psychophysiology
University of Melbourne (Australia)
Bachelor of Science, Honours (Psychology)

Isabella2 green.jpg

Isabella Close
Neurophysiology Scientist

Isabella has worked in the Clinical Neurosciences and Respiratory teams at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne performing and reporting neurological assessments including EEG, peripheral nerve testing and evoked responses. Isabella is passionate about making epilepsy diagnosis and management accessible in rural areas.

Swinburne University (Australia)
Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Psychophysiology)

Pat green.jpg

Pat Hennessy
Research and Development Engineer

Pat is a biomedical engineer with expertise in medical device development, neuroscience and research. Before joining Seer, Pat conducted research on the cell death pathway at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. At Seer, Pat uses his engineering background to improve patient comfort and streamline the patient experience.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

Aasha green.jpg

Aasha Riordan
Research and Development Engineer

Aasha is a biomedical engineer with a background in medical device development and clinical engineering. At Seer, she combines her passion for healthcare and innovation to develop and implement new technologies to improve the patient experience.

University of Melbourne (Australia)
Master of Engineering (Biomedical)
Bachelor of Science (Engineering)