Track events.
Manage medications.
Improve your life.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy or still trying to get down to the bottom of things, the Seer app can help you keep a record of your events and have better conversations with your doctor.

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Your back pocket companion for better health

A diary you can’t lose

Quickly record when you’ve had an event and keep notes for context.

Medication reminders

Schedule reminders for taking your medications.

Insight reports

Get a deeper look into seizure cycles and identify triggers (Coming soon!)

Check-in surveys

Regular check-ins about mood, sleep, and other seizure risk factors.

Health team access

Share your event and medication diaries with your doctors.

Seizure risk

The Seer App measures seizure cycles and your risk of having a seizure (Coming soon!)

Forecasting seizure risk

Coming soon!

Our team leads the world in seizure forecasting research and their findings guide the features of the Seer app.

The more you use the app, the better it gets at understanding your cycles and identifying your chances of having a seizure.

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Remembering made easy

It’s hard to remember what happened between doctor’s appointments.
Medication management can be tricky.

On the Seer app, the record you keep can be easily shared with your doctor at consultations and medication reminders keep you on track with your treatment plan.

Safe and secure data storage

The Seer app adheres to the highest standards of user privacy and data protection as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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