Decoding EEG and LFP signals using deep learning: heading TrueNorth

Nurse, E., Mashford, B.S., Yepes, A.J., Kiral-Kornek, I., Karoly, P.J., Harrer, S. and Freestone, D.R.
ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers (pp. 259-266)


Deep learning technology is uniquely suited to analyse neurophysiological signals such as the electroencephalogram (EEG) and local field potentials (LFP) and promises to outperform traditional machine-learning based classification and feature extraction algorithms. Furthermore, novel cognitive computing platforms such as IBM's recently introduced neuromorphic TrueNorth chip allow for deploying deep learning techniques in an ultra-low power environment with a minimum device footprint. Merging deep learning and TrueNorth technologies for real-time analysis of brain-activity data at the point of sensing will create the next generation of wearables at the intersection of neurobionics and artificial intelligence.