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The Seer Cloud is a place for all of your physiological, environmental and behavioural data.
Amplify insights with machine learning, and collaborate globally.

  • Secure storage and display of medical data
  • Industry standard viewers for time series data, imaging data and standard documents
  • Feature-rich API with efficient access to widely-used standard file formats
  • Granular control on access to your sensitive information

Data Types
The Seer Cloud supports industry standard time series (EEG, ECG, accelerometry), medical image (MRI, PET, CT), video, medication and event diaries.

Please enquire below with your specific requirements. We partner with device and therapeutic companies and research organisations.

Powered by Machine Learning
The Seer Cloud makes it easier and more cost effective to deliver deep insights from connected devices at a large scale.

We partner with device companies to enable deep data insights.


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