Seer Cloud

The Seer Cloud is a place for all of your physiological, environmental and behavioural data.

Data Security

  • Secure storage and display of medical data

  • Industry standard viewers for time series data, imaging data and standard documents

  • Feature-rich API with efficient access to widely-used standard file formats

  • Granular control on access to your sensitive information

  • Conforms to IEC/ISO standards

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant


Data Types

The Seer Cloud supports industry standard time series (EEG, ECG, accelerometry), medical image (MRI, PET, CT), video, medication and event diaries. 

Please enquire below with your specific requirements. We partner with device and therapeutic companies and research organisations.


Streaming Data

The Seer Cloud can accelerate your device development. You can focus all of your efforts on the hardware and Seer can provide a very cost effective software solution.