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If you're having seizures, fainting spells or blackouts, Seer's at-home brain and heart monitoring service can help you get the right diagnosis and take control of your life.

We monitor people just like you, all across Australia, every day. People who suffer undiagnosed episodes, people who want to confirm a recent epilepsy diagnosis and people with epilepsy who want to explore their medication options.

Our testing is fully bulk-billed, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses with a valid medicare card. We're also a pre-approved TAC provider if you have an approved TAC claim. 

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Looking for more information? The Epilepsy Foundation has some great resources to help you learn more about the condition and connect with other people with epilepsy.

Is Seer right for you?

Hear from our patients

Terrence Richardson

The experience of home monitoring was very enlightening and certainly a lot better than spending a week in hospital

Janet Stafford

For someone who lives more than 300 km from St Vincent’s this was a boon to me. I could stay at home among my family and friends, continue my normal activities and get on with my life as usual. If I had been hospitalized in Melbourne I would have been quite socially isolated, screamingly bored and taking up a bed that could have otherwise been used for a sick person who needed constant care and supervision.

Although somewhat limited in being able to go far from the house, I was able to go outside briefly to water and walk in my garden and pick flowers and vegetables, talk to my husband in the shed, and walk to the front gate to farewell visitors. Inside I could simply take the camera with me get on with life moving from room to room as I sewed, cooked and performed all the normal functions of everyday living. We called the camera Foo and he became a pseudo family member.

Sleeping with all the gear was surprisingly easy and I became comfortable and relaxed very quickly and slept well.

Kaylene Elphinstone

(on behalf of Wendy Latimer)

This is a great service, it is so user friendly and convenient. It is wonderful for people to be monitored in their own homes, without having to wait for months or even years to be monitored as an inpatient in hospital.

The staff are great . They are very friendly and approachable and are always willing to trouble shoot any problems as they arise ( i.e. changing batteries or assisting when a lead comes off).

It makes the whole experience so much less traumatic for the patient.

Hear from our patients


Convenience and comfort

You don't have to spend weeks in a hospital ward, waiting for a diagnosis. Seer can monitor you at home, with minimal impact on your life.

What waitlist?

We’ve used innovative technology to streamline the diagnostic process, so you won’t see a waitlist for testing here.

Right medication, right time

Seer monitoring tells you more about your condition than traditional monitoring, so you have a better shot at optimising your medications and reducing your risk of having a seizure.