At-home long-term video-EEG-ECG is for patients who are suspected of having intermittent paroxysmal events.

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Seer Monitoring Service
The Seer Monitoring Service is for diagnosing paroxysmal events including
  • seizures
  • fainting / syncope
  • psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
  • panic attacks
  • parasomnia
  • narcolepsy with cataplexy
  • transient ischemic attack
  • migraine

Patients Who Benefit
Patient groups who particularly benefit include people:
  • who live in rural / regional areas
  • who are unlikely to commit to a stay in hospital
  • with a psychiatric / behavioural co-morbidity (e.g. depression, anxiety)
  • with an addiction (cigarettes, alcohol etc)
  • from a non-English-speaking background or with English as a second language
  • that require care or assistance such as elderly patients, disabled patients or patients with other special needs
  • who are transitioning to adult hospital
  • who are single parents
  • with pets

How It Works
Following a referral, your patient will be contacted to confirm their appointment for fitting the monitoring system at a Seer clinic.

Your patient will be monitored at home.

At the end of monitoring, the data is analysed and a diagnostic report is shared via the Seer Cloud or fax.

Reports and Labelled Data
We provide EEG and ECG reporting.

On request, we label and report all events, small and large, providing a complete quantitative picture.

You have access to the full annotated dataset, via a web-based portal, on the Seer Cloud.

Studies are interpreted and concluded by renowned neurologists or cardiologists, such as Prof Mark Cook, Dr Gabriel Dabscheck, and Prof Wendyl D’Souza.

Seer Cloud Dashboard
Connect with your patients through the Seer Cloud.

Access to your patients' clinical and self-reported data (EEG, MRI, seizure/medication diary).

Track if events are becoming larger or more frequent and medication adherence.

Identify event cycles for better seizure management.