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Seer can help

Seer is Australia’s largest provider of at-home long-term video-EEG-ECG monitoring for epilepsy and other related conditions. Your patients are in safe hands.

Why Seer?

  • No waitlist

  • Higher diagnostic yields

  • Reviewed by renowned neurologists

  • Fully Medicare bulk-billed



Seer has enhanced our practice by enabling convenient, prolonged video EEG recordings in the home environment, capturing much more of the ‘usual’ life that is important in making therapeutic decisions.
— Dr Antony Winkel
The staff are great . They are very friendly and approachable and are always willing to trouble shoot any problems as they arise.
— Kaylene Elphinstone
The team at Seer is amazing. We really do appreciate that the monitoring could be done in the comfort of our home and not have to go to hospital.
— Michelle

Seer monitoring service

Patients are fitted with an ambulatory video-EEG-ECG system at a Seer Clinic, then monitored in the comfort of their own homes. The monitoring reports can be used to assess:

  • seizures

  • psychogenic non-epileptic seizures

and differentiate them from:

  • fainting / syncope

  • panic attacks

  • parasomnia

  • narcolepsy with cataplexy

  • migraine


Patients who benefit

Seer’s diagnostic service solves the major problems that come with accessibility of gold-standard epilepsy diagnostics. Before Seer, diagnostics were limited to standard routine EEGs, that have low diagnostic yields, or long-term hospital-based telemetry - which is often impossible. Long-term ambulatory video-EEG-ECG provides a high diagnostic yield in an accessible way, providing extra insight.


What to expect

Seer strives to make the process easy. We know how busy you are, so we do everything we can to remove any administrative burden. Once a referral is received, a Seer representative will:

  • contact your patient to confirm a monitoring date

  • connect the monitoring system at a Seer clinic

  • monitor your patient from their home

  • disconnect the monitoring system back at a Seer clinic

  • interpreted and concluded studies by renowned neurologists

  • provide a full diagnostic report


Comprehensive reports and the complete annotated data set are available via a web-based portal on the Seer Cloud. Quantitative reports are also available when requested. You can access your patients EEG, ECG, MRI and self-reported seizure and medication diary all in the one place in the Seer Cloud.

We aim to provide reports 3 weeks after disconnection. It is advised that you allow at least 5 weeks from referring a patient for your follow-up appointment. If monitoring is urgent, the Seer team will ensure your report is ready earlier. 


Seer has clinics across VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and TAS.

For any questions about our clinic locations please call Seer on 1300 869 888.


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