“seer (noun):
a person who can see what the future holds,
a visionary”


Our vision

To provide insights that will improve health using measurements of actions, behaviour and physiology.

We will acquire the relevant information using wearable and implantable technologies. The information will be integrated using our cloud-based platforms. The platforms will provide clear insights to patients and physicians.

In addition to being an important problem that we are passionate about solving, epilepsy is an ideal starting point for achieving our vision. Our launch service will integrate video and audio data to measure behaviour, motion tracking to measure action, and signals from the brain, heart and other systems to measure physiology.

50 million people have epilepsy


Our aspiration

Seer aspires to do more than to improve health and wellbeing, more than free up hospital beds, more than develop new wearable and implantable technology, more than deliver cloud analysis platforms; we aspire to facilitate a wider range of health innovation in Australia and to help grow the Med-Tech ecosystem.

Our technology

The example shown here is an abstract representation of the brainwaves (EEG data) from a patient with epilepsy. The data has been transformed to enable our software to separate epileptic patterns (red) from normal brain activity (blue). This technology enables a more accurate analysis of patient data, facilitating improved patient outcomes.



Signal features of an epileptic event

“The only thing worse than being blind
is having sight but no vision”