The setup

On the day of your appointment you’ll visit one of our clinics in central Melbourne or Sydney so we can connect the EEG leads to your brain and the ECG leads to your heart in preparation for the recording.

The monitoring

Once connected, you can go home with the recording device and a small suitcase that contains everything you need for the recording period. The recording device is contained in a comfortable, lightweight harness that will be worn on the front or back of your body during daily activities, and sleep. 

You’ll also be given an event button to press when you feel any symptoms.

We’ll ask you to setup an easy-to-use, wide-angle video camera to capture important aspects of your behaviour and the environment during the monitoring period. The camera can be easily moved to wherever you are in the home, including the bedroom when you sleep. 

If your booking is for a routine EEG-ECG, we will conduct the test during your first appointment.

Why EEG and ECG?

We combine EEG and ECG because it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish symptoms originating in the brain from those in the heart.

A more comprehensive approach allows us to distinguish between symptoms and, where necessary, choose the most suitable therapies to treat your condition.


Our service is fully bulk-billed with a referral and valid medicare card. Please contact us if bulk-billing is not possible.