Epilepsy diagnosis and management made easy


 Taking healthcare from the hospital to the home

Seer offers a long-term ambulatory video-EEG-ECG service for epilepsy management and a web platform for data review

We take gold standard diagnostic video-EEG-ECG monitoring from the hospital to the comfort of the home.
The service is fully reimbursed by Medicare, removing barriers to better healthcare.
Patients and Caregivers
If you, or a loved one, is experiencing seizures, fainting spells or blackouts, Seer's at-home service can help you get the right diagnosis faster, so you take back control of your life.

Convenience and comfort

You don't have to spend days in a hospital to recieve gold-standard monitoring. Seer can monitor you at home with minimal impact on your life.

No waitlist

With Seer, you do not have to wait for scarce hospital resources. No waitlists mean you get an answer quickly.

Refining medications

We provide an opportunity to refine your medications by providing a quantative assessment of your brain and heart signals.

Medical Professionals
With over 500 long-term ambulatory video-EEG-ECG cases completed and referrals from over 80 neurologists, your patients are in safe hands with Seer.


Our at-home video-EEG-ECG service bundles two tests into one so we see the full picture of our patients neural and cardiac health.

In the cloud

Online referrals and data management mean you can spend less time on admin, and more time on the things that matter.

Seer Cloud
The Seer Cloud is a web-based platform that enables seamless management, review and global collaboration on epilepsy-related data. Data types include diaries, clinical records, medical imaging (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT), time series data (EEG and other wearables) and video.
Seer System
Before Seer, gold standard diagnostic testing required a one-week stay in hospital. The Seer System enables acquisition of gold standard diagnostic information in the comfort and convenience of the home.
Our long-term at-home video-EEG-ECG monitoring service, coupled with our powerful data platform and Beagle - our event-logging app - provides the gold standard for trialling new devices or therapeutics in the home. Get in touch for more information.