Frontend web developer - Melbourne Region


Position summary

We're building a web platform and mobile app to enable machine learning to deliver insights from healthcare devices. The platform will store and manage the biomedical data from these devices which will allow us to provide personalised insights, predictions and alerts to patients in real-time. A key component of this platform is a mobile app (iOS and Android using ReactJS and Cordova) that allows patients to keep a diary of any abnormal events, their medication, and other information (e.g. sleep, mood, and exercise) and share this information with their clinician, carer or other medical professionals. Our plans for the app include it collecting data from wearable devices and helping people understand and manage their epilepsy.

We’re looking to hire a frontend web developer to help us realise our ever growing vision for this hybrid mobile app.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Developing, testing, and maintaining code for the hybrid mobile app (ReactJS and Cordova)

  • Ensuring a great user experience, with the hybrid mobile app performing like a native mobile app

  • In collaboration with the rest of the team, ensuring that our software is stable, secure, resilient, documented, and maintainable

  • Proactively raising issues or ideas for how our technology should/could be built

  • Being an active member of the team's development and learning

Please note: while we value flexibility, we're not able to accommodate remote working at this time - this role is based at Seer HQ in Carlton, Melbourne, VIC.


Skills and experience

We are looking for people with the following attributes:

  • Solid experience in web development and comfortable writing JavaScript

  • Good communication skills, an attention to detail, and a focus on user experience

  • Enthusiasm for software quality (automated testing, code review, and documentation)

  • Ability to work well in a diverse team with different backgrounds and experience levels

In addition to these base requirements, we are particularly interested in people with experience in:

  • ReactJS

  • Mobile-first web development

  • Hybrid app development (Cordova / PhoneGap)

  • Mobile app development tooling (XCode and Android Studio)

  • Git, CI/CD, and agile development practices

  • Data visualisation



Salary range: $80k-$110k negotiable, plus 9.5% superannuation.


Application Process

Please via email an application (CV and coverletter) through to the contact details below.

If you’re unsure about the role or would like more information please contact us and we’d be happy to chat with you about it.

At Seer, we are committed to creating a diverse team whose members help each other to grow. For this reason, we particularly encourage women and people from minority groups to apply and we will consider these applications very favourably.

We are not interested in being contacted by recruiters about this position.



Robert Kerr, Systems Architect

T: 0431 587 997 | E: