Equipment Loan Terms and Conditions


These loan terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of any other conditions proposed by the patient, unless otherwise agreed to by Seer Medical and the patient in writing. Seer Medical agrees to allow patient usage on the terms set out below.

By agreeing to undertake monitoring with Seer Medical then the patient hereby gives their consent to the following conditions.

Equipment Loan

All equipment provided to the patient by Seer (the “Equipment”) is provided on loan for the duration of the monitoring period. Seer remains the legal owner of the Equipment at all times.


The patient is responsible for the proper use of the Equipment during the loan period. The patient must not misuse the Equipment, or otherwise use the Equipment in a way that contradicts the intended use and instructions as detailed to the patient at the time of application, or within provided hard copy information.
IN particular, during the loan period, the patient must not:

  • tamper with, damage, open or repair any equipment (unless under the express instruction of Seer);
  • lose or part with the possession of equipment;
  • take the equipment on public transport; or
  • shower, or bathe, with the equipment. Sponge bathing (i.e. being cleaned with a wet, soapy sponge or cloth, with the patient nor the equipment placed in water) is permitted.

The patient is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any or all of the Equipment that is damaged, lost, confiscated, or stolen from the time patient assumes custody until it is returned to Seer. If the Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, the Patient agrees to promptly notify Seer.


Following the conclusion of the monitoring period the patient shall return the Equipment to Seer at his/her own cost and at the time and place agreed with Seer (usually by attending the patient’s scheduled disconnection appointment). The Equipment shall be returned in as good a condition as when received by the Borrower, except for reasonable wear and tear. If the patient fails to return the Equipment to Seer at the conclusion of the monitoring period, the patient shall liable for the full cost incurred by Seer in collecting or retrieving the Equipment.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law and excepting a loss resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct, Seer shall have no liability to the patient for any loss or damage suffered by reason of the patient’s loan, possession or use of the Equipment.