Hospital-grade equipment.
Home-based testing.

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Home comfort replaces hospital stays

A long-term hospital stay used to be the only way to access video-EEG-ECG monitoring. Today, there’s another option.

Widely accessible across Australia, the Seer Medical service offers advanced technology, an exceptional service experience, and rapid reporting for patients and doctors looking for answers.

The Seer Medical system

State-of-the-art technology and comfortable design combine to create a system that is both easy to wear and produces trustworthy results.

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Woman connected to Seer Sense and person holding Seer monitoring hub

Built for comfort and convenience

Our system is the only one available that allows for bathing and showering.

We’re also the only long-term EEG test provider in Australia to use non-collodion adhesive on our scalp electrodes so removal is painless and can be done at home.*

*Based on availability and patient profile.

More than a seizure diary

Encourage your patients to use the Seer App to report events and manage their medications before, during, and after diagnostic testing to facilitate more productive consultations.

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Why do people choose Seer Medical?

No hospital visits

Ability to bathe or shower

Expert data analysis and reporting

Flexible bookings with short wait times

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Patients referred since 2017


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Waitlists as short as three weeks


Metro and regional locations

Clinics across the country

Access to high quality testing is why Seer Medical was founded. Our clinics are located in every major city and across regional Australia.

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