Clinical Trials

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Seer has the perfect system for accelerating epilepsy clinical trials and medical research. Seer provides long-term ambulatory video-EEG-ECG monitoring with cloud services to manage electrophysiological and imaging data. We partner with device and therapeutic companies and research organisations. Please enquire below with your specific requirements.

Why Seer

  • Measure biomarkers of epilepsy

  • Secure data storage

  • Electrophysiological and imaging data viewers

  • Easy data sharing



The Seer Cloud supports industry standard time series (EEG, ECG, accelerometry), medical image (MRI, PET, CT), video, medication and event diaries.

CTandEEG (2).png

Cloud Services

  • Secure storage and display of medical data

  • Industry standard viewers for time series data, imaging data and standard documents

  • Feature-rich API with efficient access to widely-used standard file formats

  • Granular control on access to your sensitive information

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