Beagle for patients

Beagle tracks your medical events. The app lets you report events using mobile devices or a small bluetooth button. Beagle is safe, easy to use and makes it simple to share and review your events. Click on the app store links to the right to start using beagle.

How Beagle can help medical professionals

  • View you patients’ event-data in real-time

  • Analyse patterns with a friendly, graphical interface

  • Adjust treatment plans based on data

  • Download a complete history of medical data (centralised, secure data storage)

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Getting Started

  • download beagle and create an account

  • start tracking your events and medication

  • share events with your doctors, friends, and family

  • review all your tracked events at any time

Bluetooth Button

Reporting medical events has never been simpler! Just log an event by clicking a wearable button that connects through Bluetooth to your mobile device.

Contact your neurologist to get a button.

Beagle is improving every day. If you have feedback or suggestions we'd love to hear from you!

Already downloaded Beagle and want to know more? Read our app guide.

About Beagle

Beagle is named after the HMS Beagle (the ship best known for carrying Charles Darwin on his voyages discovering evolution). Beagle's captain, Admiral Robert FitzRoy, was the inventor of weather forecasting. Now, we hope that observations from our own Beagle will guide forecasting for medical events. It doesn't hurt that beagle dogs are also known for their tracking skills!

Order Buttons

We supply Bluetooth buttons free of charge to clinics / neurologists / medical professionals Australia wide. To request your buttons please fill in the details below.