Seer App Guide

Keeping track of your seizures is one of the best ways to manage epilepsy. It’s also really hard to do, without a bit of help! That’s why we created the Seer app. The Seer app is still in development. We appreciate your patience with any issues (and we love feedback!)

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Creating your Seer app account 

Starting the Seer app 

Reporting Events

Medication Manager

Button issues


Creating your Seer account



  • You will receive an email from Seer Medical inviting you to activate your account

  • You will receive a bluetooth seizure button when you arrive for your connection

Starting the Seer app

  • Download the Seer app. Search for 'Seer Medical' in the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Open the app and log in using your account details (you will need to use a wifi or data connection the first time you login). NOTE you should have received an email from Seer Medical inviting you to activate your account. Please contact us if you have not received an email.

  • You should also see a bluetooth indicator that will allow you to connect your Companion Button.

Reporting Events

Log events via mobile device or with our handy companion button. You can report your events via mobile (click the ‘Report Event’ button), and include additional detail such as event duration or notes. 

You can download your events into an Excel spreadsheet from our web portal (app.seermedical.com).

Events can be reviewed to see long-term patterns and cycles. You may notice your seizures are most common during the morning, or on certain days of the week. You can look at your past event rates to see whether they are going up or down.

Using the companion button

  • Once you have connected your button you will be able to click it and log events AS LONG AS you are in range of your phone/tablet.

  • Your phone MUST be running the Seer app to report events (the app can be running in the background, but do not swipe-close your app, disable bluetooth, or switch off your phone). If you do switch off your phone you will need to re-open the Seer app when you turn it back on.

  • Each time you click a button your phone will record the event time and you will receive a notification confirming that the event has been saved.

  • Buttons have a range of approx 10m. You will not be able to report events using your button if your phone is more than 10m away.

  • Buttons may beep when they become disconnected (i.e. if you move out of range of your phone). You will also receive a notification on your mobile if your button becomes disconnected for any reason.

Medication Manager

Seizure control can be achieved with medication for 60-70% of people diagnosed with epilepsy. But we know it’s easy to forget to take medication on time, or at all, in our busy lives. You can schedule your medications and receive alerts to remind you to take them with the Seer app. Stay on top of your medications by recording when you take them. Use the Seer app to share your seizure diary with your doctors as part of your long term management.

There is a separate section (tab) for managing your medications. 

Medication manager section.png

The medication manager has three sections:

  1. The weekly indicator. This displays how you are tracking with taking your medication(s).

  2. The day section. This defaults to today and shows you the medications for the day. You can navigate back in time to see a list of the medications you took (or missed) each day.

  3. The repeating alerts section. This shows you all the alerts you have set up. 

These are described in detail below. But first, we’ll explain how to create a medication alert. 


How to guide

Creating a new medication alert

Adding medications.gif
Create Medication Alert - Step 1.PNG

You can create alerts with medication details, and reminders, to help you remember to take them. To create an alert follow these steps:

Tap the red ‘Create Medication Alert’ button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. The first screen asks for your medication details. 

  • Add the medication or medications that you take (optional). When you click this field you can:

    1. Scroll the list to find your medication

    2. Start typing the name of your medication to filter the list

    3. Type the name of another medication to add it yourself

    4. Once you have added all your medications, click done.

  • Keep ‘Remind me’ set to ‘yes’ to receive notifications when it's time to take your medication(s). 

  • Select the frequency of your medication - twice daily, daily or weekly. If you take some medications twice daily and some daily you will need to create two alerts.

  • Click continue.

Create Medication Alert - Step 2.PNG

2. On the next screen, you set the details for the alert.

  • Select the alert time - this is when you will be reminded to take your medication(s). If you selected twice daily there will be 2 alert times. 

  • Select the date you wish to start reminders. This will default to today’s date.

  • Select if there is an end date for your medication. This will default to never.

  • Click continue.

Create Medication Alert - Step 3.PNG

3. The last screen is for adding extra information. This is optional. 

  • We set the alert name for you automatically, but you can edit the name if you want to.

  • Set the dose amount and select the unit for each medication. This is optional. 

  • Add any notes you want to see when you take your medication. For example, to remind yourself to take the medication with food, or what the tablets look like. 

  • Click ‘save alert’.

The first time you create an alert, you will be prompted to allow notifications. This is so the app can let you know when it’s time to take your medication. Click allow. 


Taking Medication 

At the scheduled alert time, you will receive a notification reminding you to take your medication. This will only display the alert name. To protect your privacy, no medication details will be displayed.

Tap on the notification and log into the app (if required). You can expand the medication alert by tapping the arrow to see the drugs, amounts and notes. 

Expanding notes.gif

Once you have taken your medication, tap the checkbox to ‘tick’ it. This marks the medication as taken.

Checking medication as taken.gif

The Weekly Indicator - Viewing History 

Weekly indicator.PNG

The weekly indicator shows you how well you have been at taking your medications each day. The indicator is updated at the end of each day. 

What the colours mean: 

Current day.png

Green outline - Today 

No medications scheduled or day in future.png

Grey -  Day in future or no medications

All medications taken.png

Green with tick - All scheduled medications taken for the day

Some medications taken.png

Orange - Some medications missed, some taken 

No medications taken.png

Red - No scheduled medications taken. 

You can scroll back and view previous weeks using the navigation arrows. 

Scrolling Weekly Indicator.gif

Day Section 

The day section shows you what medications you have for that scheduled day and the current status of each alert - upcoming, missed or taken. 

Medication day view.png

You can also scroll back by week, or day, by tapping the navigation arrows. You can see what medications you took, or missed, each day by doing this.


Repeating Alerts Section

The Repeating Alerts section shows you all the alerts you have set up. You can manage them here. 

Deleting an alert
To delete an alert:

  1. Select the ‘bin’ icon against the alert you wish to delete. 

  2. Confirm you want to delete the alert. 

Deleting Repeating alert.jpg

When you delete an alert you will no longer receive notifications to take this medication and the alert will no longer appear in the ‘repeating alerts’ section. The medications you have previously taken will still be visible if you navigate back in time. 

Editing an alert 

Coming soon.

Bluetooth and Button help

The Bluetooth indicator shows your button status. Your button will have a unique, randomly generated name i.e. “Orange Sophia”, “Fabulous Tom” ...

Bluetooth indicator .png


Bluetooth disconnected.PNG

There is a problem. Click on the button for information and help.

Button Troubleshooting

  • You may need to wait a little while for the button name to appear when adding a new button

  • Make sure your button is turned on, and bluetooth is enabled on your phone

  • If your phone is taking a while to find your button, try clicking the button once. This may help wake up the transmitter in your button

  • If your phone can’t find your button after more than a couple of minutes you may need to remove (or reset) the button and re-add it

  • If you turn off your phone don't forget to start the Seer app again when you turn it back on