Tracy Robbins

Neurophysiological Scientist (AUS)
Clinical Physiologist in Neurophysiology (UK)

Tracy Robbins has worked in the healthcare industry, specialising in Neurophysiology for over 29 years. She studied in Australia, and now lives in the United Kingdom but works between both locations. Tracy is a Neurophysiological Scientist in our Australian clinics and
Clinical Physiologist in Neurophysiology over in the United Kingdom.

Tracey has managed departments across multiple sites and multiple specialities throughout her career. Her experience lies in a variety of testing across, neurophysiology, sleep, and vestibular. She also has some experience in MEP, VEMP, Oculogram, Audiogram, Callorics, Hallpike, NCS, spinal monitoring in surgery, and EEG in surgery.

Tracey has set up a private Neurophysiology Service across multiple sites, covering three NHS hospital services.


RCCP (Registration Council of Clinical Physiologists).