Josh Reich

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Reich joined Seer in August 2020 as the Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to joining Seer, Josh resided in the United States and worked in financial technology. Josh was the founder and CEO of Simple, the first online ‘neobank’. Simple was founded in Brooklyn, employed over 300 staff, and completely redefined the landscape of possibilities in the financial industry. Prior to Simple, Josh worked as a CTO of a marketing analytics firm, quantitative strategist at an investment fund, and advised a number of startups on data analytics strategies.

Josh has spent the last five years with his family on a farm in Oregon. Here, Josh tended to the farm and built machine parts for his friends in the rural community.

At Seer, Josh leads a team of software engineers, machine learning specialists, designers, and researchers. Josh is passionate about improving diagnostics in the healthcare landscape but, more importantly, he is eager to improve patient outcomes by operating at the intersection of data and design.



Five years of a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Melbourne

Bachelor Science (BSc) in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Melbourne

Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Carnegie Mellon University