Bianca Van Rooyen

Clinical Scientist
New South Wales

Bianca studied Neurophysiology for five years in South Africa and obtained her B-Tech Degree in Clinical Neurophysiology in 2014. After this, she went on to work as a postgraduate neurophysiologist for a period of six years in Sandton Medi Clinic and Waterfall City Hospital.

Bianca has experience working in both state and private hospitals and she has even spent time working in a sleep laboratory and several private practices.

Fully qualified in performing EEG’s, polysomnographs, CPAP titrations, nerve conduction studies and evoked potentials, Bianca loves what she does and what neurophysiology has to offer.

‘Being able to work with patients and being part of their road to a better quality of life is an absolute privilege – making them feel safe and secure is what it’s all about.’

– Bianca Van Rooyen


ANTA (Association of Neurophysiological Technologists of Australia Inc)