The deeply held belief that technology can positively impact healthcare drives everything we do.

Our vision is to simplify complex medical systems into technologies that people can benefit from in the comfort of their own homes and rely on for positive health outcomes.


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Meet the executive team

Seer Medical was founded in 2017 by a team of dedicated researchers with over 10 years
experience working together in translational medical research.


Dean Freestone

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Freestone has devoted his career to neural engineering. His research spans across projects with distinguished universities around the world. Between Dean’s long-term track record of excellence and a passion for helping people, Seer Medical was born. Since 2017, it has become a nationwide service that is now poised to expand internationally.

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Mark Cook

Chief Medical Officer

Mark Cook is an internationally recognised epileptologist known for his expertise in epilepsy management and medical technology. Mark has dedicated his career to caring for people with epilepsy. As Chief Medical Officer, he does just that by managing our team of neurologists and delivering clinical knowledge. Mark is also the Chair of Medicine and Director of the Department of Neurology at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

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George Kenley

Chief of Strategic Projects

George Kenley has spent over ten years working in Senior Project Engineer and Project Management roles in the construction industry. George brings the expertise from these roles to the expansion of the number of Seer Medical clinics around Australia and has contributed to gaining regulatory approval for the innovative technologies Seer develops.

Tim Nelson Photo

Tim Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Nelson has an extensive career history stretching across a diverse range of industries. In Tim’s early career, he spent six years in applied research at the Bionics Institute based at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne where he focused on the design and development of implantables for the detection and abatement of seizures in patients with epilepsy. Following this he was based in Vanuatu where he was responsible for the provision of a range of development programs. Within four years here, Tim became the Director of Operations with Save the Children Australia.

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Kyle Slater

Chief Product Officer

Kyle Slater is an inventor, engineer and founder. Prior to Seer, he was the co-founder and CEO of Nura, a consumer audio company based in Melbourne. Kyle led the company from conception through to its global launch of the award-winning Nuraphone. Kyle has a broad base of multidisciplinary research and engineering experience working in the fields of psychoacoustics through to neuroprosthetics. He played a key role in the electronics design of Australia’s first-in-human bionic eye, and assisted with the early development of a scalable brain interface called neural dust as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

Rob Kerr Photo

Rob Kerr

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Kerr has areas of expertise across mathematical modeling, statistics, and machine learning, web applications and cloud infrastructure. Rob studied a Dual Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics University of Queensland. He then went on to obtain a PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne and then to work as a research scientist at IBM Research Australia.

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