Epilepsy Diagnostics and Management Made Easy


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Gold standard epilepsy diagnostics in the comfort of your home.
Now available in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and TAS.

Patients and Caregivers
If you or someone you know is experiencing seizures, fainting spells or blackouts we can help.

Medical Professionals
We are the largest ambulatory video-EEG diagnostic service in Australia, with over 150 referring neurologists. Your patients are in safe hands.

Seer Cloud
Seer Cloud was built to manage patient diaries, clinical records, medical imaging (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT), time series data (EEG and other wearables) and video.

Seer System
EEG, ECG and Video from the hospital to your home.

Seer Cloud is a home for all your behavioral, environmental and physiological data. If you are running a therapeutic or device trial, we can help.